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Books By Gehla Knight

Heath Street Stories
1950, and the cookie-cutter houses in the slipstream of a paper mill promise new beginnings for the families moving to Heath Street.....

Buzzard Love
Marooned in an Oregon trailer park, Josie Wallgood thinks she's discovered a way to hit it big as a psychic headliner.....

Plum's Pleasure
Can virtue be found in a turn-of-the-century bordello?
Can a frontier teacher stand idly by as the Shoshone.....

Zig Zag
Marsha Scamponi has a hobby to cure the housewife blahs. She spends afternoons romancing truckstop romeos


Woodrow Hand is off the rodeo circuit with a busted shoulder and
stuck in the Great Basin Badlands of southeastern Oregon. He .....

Two Scoops of Seafood
Two irrepressible midlife losers Lester McKue and Mike Bochsleiter, goodhearted, dead-enders are on a three-day odyssey across Idaho.

Slab Town
As 1944 wrapped up, Big Joe Welk still had the downtown rackets sewed up in Portland. For every bottle of beer, shot of rye whiskey, pinball game and ten-cent dance...


Ray Bates Mysteries

Blue Butterfly
Tracking a call girl's killer through Portland's sleazy sex trade, John uncovers a police bureau prostitution ring.....
Babylon Blues
Itís 1994, and veteran homicide detective John Bowers teams up with his partner Minola Raye to solve another grisly murder in Babylon.....
The Camelot Club
Bowers and his partner Minola Raye are on the scent of a pedophile ring and trying to solve a case even his professional betters .....
Pontiac Pirates
The victim is young, engaged to be married to her high-school sweetheart, obeying all the rules to keep safe when her life is .....



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