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Buzzard Love- "A Detour on the Road to Psychic Stardom"

Marooned in an Oregon trailer park, Josie Wallgood thinks she's discovered a way to hit it big as a psychic headliner. While barely making rent money as a fortune-teller spinning tales for the gullible, a trusting heiress hires her to exorcise the spirit of her father Max who was killed in action during the Korean War.

Josie teams up with Cain Reeves, a washed-out minor league catcher, and hatches a plot to bilk her client out of the family fortune. But something seems to be going wrong.. All Josie's cornball predictions start coming true, and the missing pieces to a twenty-five year mystery in her victim's past begin to fall into place.

Is "Madame Josephina" really on the path to celestial stardom, or is she just another footnote in the Psychic Hall of Fame?

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