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The Camelot Club: A Detective John Bowers Mystery

The CAMELOT CLUB is the third book in the Detective John Bowers series. He's a witty veteran with the Portland, Oregon, Police Bureau, a dedicated realist railing against the politically correct injustice in his life. The only mysteries Bowers hasn't solved in twenty-three years behind the badge are women, especially his exes. The last split cost him everything but his Fruit of the Loom.

Now Bowers and his partner Minola Raye are on the scent of a pedophile ring and trying to solve a case even his professional betters would rather sweep under the Bureau rug. There's a body buried in the woods and a bloody trail leading to kidnap, homicide and the dirty secrets of a City elite. And for extra flavor a dark shadow is falling over one of his ex-wives who'd like to lure him back to her bed. Georgie Meiers, his landlady and recent lover, has another plot cooking. She's sure she can wean Bowers away from his Creole partner and put a ring on his finger.

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While John and Minnie wade through the dregs of a criminal undercurrent too seldom revealed, their personal quagmires complicate everything. But it's a job they sometimes love to hate as they solve a heartbreaking mystery and try to salvage what's
left of their souls along the way.

Tragedy, mystery and a sexy tug of war through white-collar crime and lusty romance make The CAMELOT CLUB a welcome addition to the John Bowers' series.

“Detective John Bowers is a real cop with more on his mind than closing a case. It's not just the crime but the characters and the way they experience real life, warts and all, that makes me such a fan.”
Detective Sergeant B. Cooper, Ret.

“Another John Bowers mystery to savor. It has all the necessary flavors for a delicious police procedural – murder, forensics, true grit, bawdy sex, romance and earthy humor. And, of course, the continuing musical-chairs drama with John, his partner Minnie and Georgie Meiers keeps us guessing who will grab the brass ring before it's all over.”
Michael Martinez-The Phoenix

“Another good read with good sex, romance, forensics, humor and an interesting crime that haunts the reader. But John makes it through to the end, even if his heart is nearly broken by the gritty reality his job demands.”
Captain A, Joyce, USAF ret.

“Camelot Club, third in the Bowers’ series, takes us to a new way of understanding homicide investigators. Personal and professional lives of cops are wedded to the soul, and evil still haunts all those who must look evil in the eye every day of their careers.”
Marc Dennis, Rose Review

“As usual, not disappointed in another John Bowers' book. He grows on you as we see the world of homicide cops and their circle of intimates and enemies through a veteran's eyes. Just when you think he's worn out, ready to throw in the towel and retire to his favorite fishing hole, he surprises us with a new determination to work another tough case. But then, we're not really surprised. Bowers is what true grit is all about.”
Ben J. Franklin, MD, Criminal Forensic Consultant


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