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Pontiac Pirates: A Detective John Bowers Mystery

DETECTIVE JOHN BOWERS is a street-worn homicide cop in the Rose City. He’s in shouting distance of retirement with a gurgling trout stream, Winnebago Chief and a brand new bride. But before he can surrender the badge, he catches another shitcan case. The victim is young, engaged to be married to her high-school sweetheart, obeying all the rules to keep safe when her life is snuffed out way too soon by pirates prowling the mean streets for easy prey. Now it’s John and partner Minnie Raye’s job to track her sadistic killer stalking the night and try one more time to find justice for the innocent.

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“Bates’ latest is no disappointment. His books take us to the graveside and a
look at what pure evil does to the fabric of our society and the lives of its victims.
John and Minnie have a sad case – a body dumped on their beat that paints a
disturbing picture. They’re reminded that sometimes killers love their work and see
their crimes as a contest between twisted minds and the homicide cops who have to
track them down. PONTIAC PIRATES lets us follow the good guys as the trail
leads to much more than they or the readers hoped they’d ever find.”

Robert Rennard, CAPT. USAF AP

“Just like the first three books in the Bowers’ series, this one is full of sexy
traps that John stumbles into while working the dark side of a horrendous crime.
But his best lady love Georgie rescues him even before he knows he’s been caught.
His pain in closing this murder drags him to the dregs of his emotional reserve. But
he comes out whole and sane on the other side despite having to wade through the
sick debris a psychopath deposits on Central Precinct turf. A good reminder that
police work often makes the cops grieving victims as well as the loved ones left
behind. A rewarding read.”

Dana Fischer, Phoenix Magazine



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