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Two Scoops of Seafood

Two irrepressible midlife losers Lester McKue and Mike Bochsleiter, goodhearted, dead-enders are on a three-day odyssey across Idaho.

Lester is a short-changed dreamer who believes the Gospel according to Readers’ Digest. Mike is a bargain basement schemer whose latest game is selling burial and cremation polices for the Peaceful Assurance Company of Hackensack, New Jersey.

Ricocheting through the simmering summer of 1967 on their way to a retirement village with a cache of penned-up prospects, they stumble into
a cafe stickup. They hitch a ride with Mona, an overripe Elvis zealot
heading to Memphis in her VW “Graceland Vanatorium” with her treasured relics: a dried wart and a sliver of toenail from the Pelvis himself.

On the lam, the trio end up at a low-rent motel where all the characters
change partners as the law closes in, and it’s time to pull the plug on their
clumsy crime spree. Mike and Lester are trippers on life’s service road, never guessing as they watch a State Patrol stampede whizzing by their wounded wreck that they’re bound for EAT AND GET GAS, not the off-ramp to Dream City.

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“A couple of hare-brained dreamers and schemers on a riotous search for the golden ring make for way too much fun. Along the way there’s crime, mismatched romances, losers and last chances. The rich characters, hilarious badinage and zany situations should make even the grumpiest reader a chuckle champ.”
B. G. McVierny
The Signal

“Two Scoops of Seafood is a rollicking adventure with a cast so far out of the box, they’re in their own virtual time zone. Mike and Lester and their accidental cohorts Lulu Moon, Mona Tealip and
Snake, a wannabe mobster, team up to work the system for the suckers who might fall for their quirky schemes to get rich quick. Lots of laughs and characters who are reminiscent of old radio comedy pairs.”

Scott Anderson
NW Revue

“There’s a devoted Elvis fan who collects souvenires like warts and toenails purloined from Graceland, two half-speed insurance hucksters who work the Idaho retirement crowd, a wannabe stick-up man, a stoner who liberates beef steaks from the local Safeway as her contribution to social justice and an escapee from real life all add up to a riotous road trip like no other.”
Denise Glass
The Phoenix



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