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Woodrow Hand is off the rodeo circuit with a busted shoulder and
stuck in the Great Basin Badlands of southeastern Oregon. He
has a girlfriend all set to lasso his hide and drag him to the altar.
He’s on the run from the preacher party when he runs into a twisted set of
circumstances that make him wish he’d left town already.
Bodies keep turning up in unexpected places, and nobody, including the
sheriff is real sure who’s a corpse and who isn’t. Even the Harney County
lawmen aren’t sure who’s on first. All Woody and his partner in crime Deadeye Dan know is that they can turn a few bad calls into major calamities without even half trying.

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This is the hottest thing to hit town since Main Street was paved — murder and mayhem in the Oregon outback. The Sheriff and his deputies can’t decide if it’s kidnap, rape, robbery or homicide when True Detective crime shows up on their turf. Maybe all of the above according to the District Attorney eager to star on the six o’clock news. For Woodrow Hand, a sidelined rodeo Marlboro man who’s romanced most of the local gals with his lazy charm and good looks, it’s all just a terrible mistake. His buddy Deadeye Dan stumbles into the investigation when he tries to cover up a murder and save his own skin. Now the list of suspects grows even bigger. I f dumb and dumber were virtues, Woody and Dan would be candidates for sainthood. But maybe Sheriff Berry can unravel the mystery and while he’s at it, solve a forgotten cold case.


“Lots of fun and twisty plots in this latest from Gehla Knight.
Quirky murders (who’s dead and who isn’t?), wrong turns, U turns,
dead ends and hot and cold sexy romance make it worth staying up
late to finish. Knight’s characters come straight from both standup
comedy and the dark side of human nature. Together they create a
rollicking, madcap mix of humor and homicidal mayhem hard to put
down until the last page.”
— Joanne Foster, Rose Review


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